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Jealousy may be the motif of nurse murder

Hi every body. This is me. A new incomer here. My name aa Auntie Mei Mei. You can call me Monalisa. Erkkk??? No want. no want lah. You just call me auntie.

Today is my first day here. So, i have given a task to handle segment "Auntie Mei Mei dan English" <------why put dan not but and haa???

Honestly aa, Auntie's english is broken too. So, auntie take this advantage to improve my english ma. And you guys also. So, cekedout below. I take it from The Star online yesterday. Lets read together aa. Remember, there is no best way to conquer english except with reading.

Published: Wednesday October 13, 2010 MYT 12:50:00 PM
Jealousy may be the motif of nurse murder

KOTA KINABALU: The murder of a nurse whose body was found semi-clothed and dumped in a drain near Kingfisher Park on Tuesday may have been due to jealousy.  Police arrived at the conclusion after arresting a 41-year-old man who was also the victim’s friend. 

Annie’s decomposing body was found on Tuesday morning after she went missing at about 5pm on Saturday.  A missing person report was lodged at 2am on Sunday after family members found her car at a parking lot at Jalan Dewan in town here.

Annie was believed to have been hit on the head and suffered a broken rib.  Police have not ruled out the possibility that the she might have been killed elsewhere and her body disposed in a deep but narrow drain near the housing estate.  Annie, a who worked at a hospital in Kudat, was attending a two-week course on nursing at the Open University Malaysia campus here.

“I am really shock at what has happened,” he said while extending his and the department’s condolences to the family.

By The Star Online

Auntie : So, ok or not my first task aa? Ala, even auntie cilok from the star atleast auntie mention the author name and resource ma. Se you next week aa. Papaiiiiii

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